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Four riders from different walks of life, a mammoth 2000 km cycle ride in India.... Jason Luckett, Christopher Seymour, James Eyre and Rita Chow

In September these 4 riders will leave Mumbai, and pedal South as far as possibly can – all the way to Kanyakumari on the southernmost tip of India. Slightly further than from London to Rome, and a lot further than our average commute to work, we will brave the heat, mosquitoes, exhaustion (and a little bit of saddle sore) on the venture. En route we will push on through dusty coastal roads, tropical inland forests and colourful bustling cities, before climbing up into the steep Western Ghat mountains.

So, why are they doing it? Apart from an insane desire to pretend that they are still young, they are also raising awareness and sponsorship for both Alex Jones and the brain tumour charity brainstrust. We also hope to promote the idea that people should not have to pay the costs of their own cancer treatment.

Jason Luckett, Christopher Seymour, James Eyre and Rita Chow have taken mammoth step in helping their 34-year-old friend Alex Jones.

A small brief about Alex:

Alex has been fighting his own private battle with brain tumours and cysts the majority of his adult life, undergoing a series of 14 operations. He fought back, and incredibly raised over £20,000 for the Brain & Spine Foundation by running two London Marathons in 2004 and 2005. After a biopsy in September 2008, an astrocytoma brain tumour of an unknown kind was discovered in his cerebellum.

Alex'es consultants have told him that due to the awkward location of the new tumour, it is not treatable by conventional radiotherapy or surgery. So they have referred him to Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) for the Proton Therapy he needs to save his life. This extremely precise procedure allows treatment of the tumour with little or no collateral damage to the surrounding tissue.


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