2011.03.30 06:38:38

One wish @Rs. 100 and help a child fight cancer.

Today is one of the most awaited cricket world-cup matches – India vs. Pakistan. Sachin Tendulkar is
claimed to be “The God of Cricket”, the “Master Blaster”. Moreover, we all know that Sachin can score
a century with his eyes closed. In fact, Brain Lara (West Indies) once said: “I want my son to become
Sachin Tendulkar.”

Still, wishes do help. The entire www.indiacancer.org team and the patients that we have been able
to support; wish and bless Sachin and the Indian cricket team ‘best of luck’ for the match. You could
also bless them; by donating and helping a child to fight cancer. Go ahead, click here
and donate to bless them. Your donations can begin with something as low as Rs. 100,
after all, the amount doesn’t matter; the thought does.

These kids are very close to his heart; here is a video where Sachin was almost in tears, while a mother of a
cancer-afflicted-kid was thanking him: View here

We understand your apprehension and your doubts whether the money is going in the right hands.
If need be, we can provide you with all the details, photographs of the kids you have helped. More
importantly if you look at our Flickr album – you would see that Sachin himself has been supporting
Indiacancer.org with celebrity dinners, auctions etc.

Go India


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