Victors in real life


Mr B.Balaram Reddi


When you defeat fear, you defeat Cancer

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “Cancer”?

Most probably Death, fear, pain, trauma and occasionally the unsuspecting sun sign.

Cancer is instantly associated with negativity and looked upon with fear.  

To fight Cancer seems daunting but Mr. B. Balaram Reddi is living proof that it is possible.

Mr. B. Balaram Reddi, a retired chief engineer, PSEB, was born on Jan 1930. At around the age of 60, he was diagnosed with stomach cancer and Gastrectomy was performed on him in April 1990 at Tata Memorial Hospital. Mr. Reddi followed a strict diet and diligently took his medicines. He played tennis daily and enjoyed the small pleasures in life. He had triumph in his fight with Cancer.

However, in November of 1997, seven years after the operation, Mr. Reddi developed Hiatus Hernia leading to acid reflux and in May 2001, eleven years after the operation, he was diagnosed with dumping syndrome due to shrinking of improvised small stomach. But he never gave up, carefully observing his diet and medicines.

But victory over these small battles hadn’t prepared him for what was coming next: A second blow from cancer. During his regular annual routine check up in July 2003 by ultra sound scan a small growth was observed inside his urinary bladder and found to be a cancerous growth in the initial stage. Cystoscopy was done in July 2003 to remove the growth. The regular check up by ultrasound scan of abdomen helped to detect and clear the second cancer at an early stage.

Mr. B. Balaram Reddi, now 80, fought his war against cancer courageously. Not once but twice.

He endured many smaller battles but came out victorious every time. It was definitely not the easiest time of his life but he took on cancer face to face not letting the fear cripple him.

These heroes looked cancer in the face and said “Yes we CAN SIR”

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