Mr. Rameshchandra Kanade
When I first met Mr. Kanade, I never knew who he was? He was so unassuming. His methodical style and organization was quite evident in the way that he handled his own medical problems. Not even once did he ask, “How long should I take leave?” He always asked me, “When can I start working?” I used to wonder what is the reason for this drive and one day he told me that he just wants to do his job whether it has any rewards or otherwise and that he enjoys doing his job to the perfection. Much later I came to know of his high cadre in IAS and his brilliant academic background. The best reason why I always remember him is that one day in Times of India I saw an article, “The man who cleaned up Mumbai.” Yes, I found that the roads of Mumbai were suddenly clean. BMC staff were actually cleaning the garbage, cleaning the roads, and all that happened because just one man took upon himself to work hard from dawn to dusk going around the streets of Mumbai and ensuring that they are clean. Yes, a single man, Mr. Rameshchandra Kanade, can make a big difference. Yesterday I was at a meeting, for the release of his book and it was heartening to hear CM say that his book would be considered as a curriculum material for IAS cadres and secretaries. Indeed we rarely meet people like Mr. Kanade and I did have the privilege to have known him, even for a short time.

These are the heroes who will always be remembered and we cherish the memories. Do write to us your opinion, your feedback, and also highlight such personalities who are no longer amongst us but had the courage to fight the Big C.
By Dr. P. Jagannath
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