What exactly is cancer?
Cancer is a body cell whose growth is out of control, and thus it invades surrounding normal tissues as well as lodges in distant parts, if not checked on time.
Are there several types of tumors?
Can cancer spread? How?
How does one recognize that one has cancer?
How does a doctor confirm positively that a lesion is cancer?
Is cancer a modern malady?
Are some people more prone to certain types of cancer?
What are the chances of any one getting cancer?
What makes cancer occur?
Is cancer an infection caused by a germ or bacteria and therefore can it spread from one person to another?
Can injury cause cancer?
Can eating the 'wrong' kind of food cause cancer?
Can alcohol abuse lead to cancer?
Can cancer be passed from parents to children?
Can I get cancer by kissing or after casual contact with a cancer patient?
Can emotional problems lead to cancer?
Is there any fail-safe method by which I can protect myself from cancer?
What is a precancerous lesion?
How does one avoid cancer of the oral cavity?
How does one avoid cancer of the skin?
Should I have all my moles removed?
Why do many wait until the last moment before running to a doctor to rule out cancer?
Can we control cancer early?
Can cancer be passed from parents to children?
What are the 7 warning signs of cancer?
Does one get pain early on in cancer?
Why should cancer be diagnosed and treated early?
Why are regular check ups necessary?
What is mammography?
What is a Pap test or smear?
If I am passing blood in motion, do I have 'piles' or cancer?
If I am passing blood in urine, do I have cancer?
Will cancer develop only among people in poor health?
How is cancer detected and confirmed?
What are the ways of treating cancer?
What are radioactive isotopes, and how are they used?
Is surgery really effective in cancer?
What is chemotherapy?
Is cancer curable?
Can hormones be used in the treatment of cancer?
What is Immunotherapy?
Is cancer research going anywhere or are things still as hopeless as in the time of my father and his father?
Is normal life possible after cancer?
Which cancers are found more in men than women?
Can smoking, tobacco and pan chewing cause cancer?
What are radioactive isotopes, and how are they used?
Can cancer be transmitted while having sexual intercourse?
Is there a danger in waiting for a lump in the breast to disappear?
Are all breast lumps cancers?
Can you explain self-examination of breast in women?
Can cancer develop in my child?
Does cancer grow faster in children than in older people?
Do children have better chances of cure than adults?
How can we decrease the number of people dying from cancer?
Is the cost of cancer cure more than other major diseases?
Are quacks really as dangerous as they are made out to be?
Is it possible to recognize a quack?
Should I be scared of cancer?
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